Hugh Street Families X 2

Hugh Street, Balintore, Families. Back Row, left to right as viewer looks. Mrs ? MacKenzie [Dan], not known, not known, Bella MacKenzie, Katie Skinner, Annie Skinner, Willie Skinner [ Buidhe pronounced Buidhac ], Geordie Skinner. Middle Row. Katie Dan Mackenzie, Katie Belle Skinner, John Dan Mackenzie, not known, not known, not known, George Skinner, not known, not known. Front Row. not known, Annie Helen Skinner, Margaret Catherine Skinner, John Skinner.

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  1. Middle row—Rita Ross,Katie Belle Skinner, John Dan Mackenzie. ( John and Rita later became husband and wife.
    My Dad George Skinner is third from right on middle row with his hands on his brother John’s shoulders.

    Happy New Year……I love getting all the Village news. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Oops, sorry but I’m now told that first girl in the middle row is Katie Dan Mackenzie,John Dan Mackenzie ‘S sister. (Not Rita Ross who became his wife).

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