Story Submission Process

Stories are submitted as pending for approval by website admin.

Ensure you have correct permissions for copyright, quotes, published works and images if relevant.

Copyright of the story rests with the author.

Ownership of the website and the content belongs to Seaboard

If you have audio or a video you would like to include in your story please contact us first so that we can provide instructions on how to send it to us.  Please do not upload via the Story Submission form.

If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo please just provide a link to it in the story.  

If you have issues uploading images they may be too big in filesize to send to us via the form.  Please contact us and we will advise of how you can send them to us.  

Seaboard History reserves the right to not publish a submitted story if deemed irrelevant to the Seaboard Villages. 

Overview of  Curation

Seaboard History Admin will be notified when a new story is received.  The Admin will:

i.  Curate the story and has the right to edit for length, sense, accuracy and language

ii. Assign the story to relevant category(s)

iii. Adjust images to fit the story. 

iv. Admin may revert to the Author and ask for changes before publishing

v. Publish the story to the website

If you have any questions please do get in touch