The Seaboard History is the history and story of the people of the Seaboard Villages.  We already have so many amazing stories – but there are so many more to be added.  Could it be your story?  Were you born and brought up in the Seaboard?  Were any of your family born and brought up in the Seaboard? Do you have any stories of the Seaboard?

If the answer to any of these is yes … we would love to hear your story.  It’s easy to do:

Step 1:  Register as an Author (we require this to protect the integrity of the stories on the Seaboard History website).

You will be asked to setup a username and password .  Please ensure these are memorable and make a note of them.  Also you can provide a biography and/or photo of you – but this is not compulsory.  Once you are approved by us you will receive a notification and you will be able to login.

Step 2: Login

Login to access the Story Submission Form.

Step 3: Submit your Story

The form has certain required fields ie
Story Title – keep it short but descriptive
Author Name – your name so we know who has submitted the story
Story – (Note: please prepare this on a word or text document  and then copy and paste it in to the story box) as things can happen and we don’t want you to lose your story by just typing it straight into the box and your computer loses power or restarts.)
Maximum word count for your story is 2000 words, but ideally less. Bear in mind that shorter pieces are more likely to be read by more people.

Once registered, you can login at any time and submit more stories so if your story is longer perhaps it can be divided up into multiple stories.

Please ensure you read our submission guidelines in advance of submitting your story. It gives advice on uploading images, if you have audio or video files, copyright etc.

If you experience any problems or need some advice, please contact us and we will get back to you when we can (please note that Seaboard History website is run by volunteers)

Thank you – together we will build a digital historical archive of the Seaboard Villages for our children, our children’s children and furthermore.