March, 1888 - March 1888

Small boats from Balintore, Hilton and Shandwick, went to sea early to fish for haddock. When they returned there was a heavy surf on the beach, it was dangerous to land but one by one they came in, between the waves. One boat, the Annie MacKay of Balintore, was overtaken by a large wave and swamped to the danger of the crew’s lives, but help from the shore to bale the boat saw them safely home. The Shandwick boats also landed at Balintore, Shandwick bay being too dangerous to land. Donald MacKenzie [Young], Donald Skinner [Big] and John Skinner [Jocken], all fishermen from Balintore, went out to pilot the Shandwick boats thought the channel. One Shandwick boat, the Poacher, tried to land without help and was dashed on the rocks and severely damaged but the crew were saved by the people on the shore. One Hilton boat was thrown onto the rocks at Cadboll, crew safe, the rest made for Balintore. Two Hilton women helping in the sea were overpowered by a wave but were rescued. Donald Vass, joiner, Balintore, had his teeth knocked out by an oar while he was in the water helping. It is hoped the new harbour will end this problem.