June, 1905 - June 1905

At the Court of Session a case of slander brought against the Moderator and officials of the Free Presbyterian Church, Rev. Alexander MacRae, Portree, Rev. John MacLeod, Kames, Isle of Bute, Rev. John S. Sinclair, Pollockshields, and printer John McNeilage, Glasgow. The case has now been settled out of court. James Munro, 9 Main Street, Balintore, had sued the three officials and the printer for the sum of £500. Mr. Munro, a blacksmith to trade, had emigrated to Newton, Ontario, Canada in 1868, in 1889 he was asked by the people of Newton to start a Free Presbyterian Church, James was preacher and missionary to the Church and the people of Newton were very happy with him. The Rev. MacRae visited in 1904 and decided he didn’t like way the Church was run and when he returned to Scotland he wrote an article in Free Presbyterian Magazine saying so. James sued for slander.