March, 1893 - March 1893

Major Jackson was in Hilton to explain the new Allotments Act. The Act was explained in Gaelic and John Tarrel, fisherman, Hilton, who spoke with considerable warmth in Gaelic, explained that their grievance was that they pay the farmer £5 for their potato patch which was too much, Major Jackson agreed, in Evanton they only pay 21 shillings. John Tarrel continued if you did not pay the farmer before the potatoes were lifted he took all the big potatoes and you were only left with the small ones to feed your family through the winter. John also complained about having to pay the new County Council’s road tax when we have no roads to speak off and also, when Colonel Ross had Cadboll we were allowed to dry our nets on the Park but since Mr. Young has become factor we are met by iron gates. John MacKenzie, fisherman, Balintore, asked about the 3 mile limit but was met with cries of ” don’t answer” and ” throw him out, he’s from Balintore”.