Four Cousins

Four Cousins

Back Row, left to right as viewer looks.
Kate Skinner, Tina Ross, Chrissie MacPherson, born 1891. Front Row. Dolly Noble.
All cousins.

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  1. My mother was a McPherson and she was born in Ballintore so I presume they are all distant relatives of mine

    1. Hello Eileen, sorry for the delay in replying but we have been closed down and are only starting up again now, the McPherson in this photo was the daughter of John McPherson from Gairloch and Catherine [Katie] Ross from Balintore, there was also another family of McPherson’s in Balintore who I believe emigrated to Australia.
      If you have more information on your relatives we would be glad to hear.

  2. Hi my mother was Catherine McPherson my grandad was Duncan McPherson I believe my great grandmother was also called Catherine my grandfather and grandmother are buried in the churchyard beside my grandfather’s younger brother Murdo who was killed at school when he was hit on the head with a stone I don’t know my great grandads name my grandfather worked the mill and my uncle Duncan worked at Glenmorangie sorry if that’s the wrong spelling

    1. Hi Eileen, your great grandfather was John MacPherson was born in Gairloch. Your great grandmother was Catherine Ross [family byname Stotach] was born in Balintore, they lived on Main Street. Your great great grandfather [Stotach] lived on Bank Street. Look at the 1891 census on the Seaboard site for more information.

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