The Road to Balintore Poem

The Road to Balintore Poem

I often tread the lonely road in pleasant thoughts and dreams,
And yet, though oft I pace its miles, they tire me not it seems.
Each hill and hollow, hedge and dyke I long to see once more –
Along the lovely Loans of Fearn that leads to Balintore.

I climb the hill to Balnagore with light and buoyant tread.
I hurry down Midoxgate brae ere many rise from bed.
I pass the Hill of Fearn and pause to view it’s Abbey grey –
whose hallowed shrine, by Tallich stream, doth light our path today.

The old meal mill – the antique school – the road to Tarbatness –
I pass in haste and gaze upon the spots my heart possess.
I shade my eyes and look upon the knolls that graze the shore –
True sentinels that guard the road that leads to Balintore.

Creation seems to wake and pace those hallowed miles with me.
The laverock and the linnet’s song come floating o’er the lea –
As o’er the loans I wend my way where legend, love and lore
were spoken oft along the road that leads to Balintore.

And now I gaze upon my home – that haven by the sea –
I hear the sighing of the waves come wafting up to me.
I stand beside where many sleep and bare the head once more –
And wake to find I dream upon the road to Balintore