The Seaboard has a rich heritage and since 2007 we have been collecting and archiving material relevant to our social history and heritage. We have been building on this over the years and have collected masses of material relating to our culture and heritage. We are now at a stage where we need some financial help to be able to continue our work!We are very proactive in sharing our history and heritage:

  • We continue to seek new photos and information from the area
  • We continually update our website
  • We organise a yearly event – the Fisherfolk Festival-  which is a festival celebrating our rich Heritage and Culture.
  • We put a  permanent commemorative stone outside our hall in recognition of the service men and women who served in the war and came from the Seaboard.
  • We are renovating our foyer area into a seated area where visitors can look at old photos from the area. The foyer will have interpretation boards with lots of information about the Seaboard Villages.

Heritage and Culture is so important and nothing instils more pride than finding that sense of belonging it also brings back personal memories of people, places and events, giving a great sense of wellbeing whilst at the same time being a marvellous tool for social interaction.